Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Mike’s TV Box?

Mike’s TV Box is an internet connected smart TV box, powered by Android 6.0. Mike’s TV Box allows you to install many popular android TV apps from the Google Play store, as well as Kodi add-ons to extend your TV options endlessly.

Q. How do I get Technical Support for Mike’s TV Box?

You can contact support via email: or you can go to Mike’s TV Box Support to view useful Videos, Documents or email a support agent.

Q. I did not get an email receipt what should I do?

You should get an email with your receipt, but if you do not see an email in your inbox from us, then please check your spam or junk mail folder and if you see any emails from please mark them as “not spam” or “not junk” and move them to your inbox. We also recommend printing the online receipt for your records.

Q. Do you need an internet connection to use Mike’s TV Box?

Yes. Mike’s TV Box requires an internet connection. You can either use the ethernet connection on the Mike’s TV Box or use Wifi to connect to your internet router. Connection Instructions are part of the documentation that is shipped with your Mike’s TV Box.

Q. How do I power off/on Mike’s TV Box?

Connect the box to the TV with the HD cable, connect the box to the power adapter. (optional: Connect mouse, air mouse or other input device to the Mike’s TV Box via the USB port). Once the power is connected to your Mike’s TV Box plug the other end into your power source. The Power LED will turn blue. Unplugging Mike’s TV Box from the wall socket will power down the device.

When Mike’s TV Box is powered on, you can press the power button on your remote to place Mike’s TV Box into sleep mode. While in sleep mode, Mike’s TV Box will not send a signal through the HDMI cable to your TV and will not be connected to Wi-Fi.

When Mike’s TV Box is in sleep mode, a red light will show on the front the front panel, press the power button on the remote to “wake-up” the device.Mike’s TV Box will then send signal to your TV and re-connect to your internet and the LED will turn blue.

Q. How fast does my internet speed need to be?

The Ideal connection would be in the 10mbps – 25mbps range, but many user have success with slower connections, but most DSL and cable internet options will work. The slowest connection speed is estimated at 0.5mbps to 1.5mbps (depending on the app/service you are using on Mike’s TV Box), but the quality of the connection would be lower quality. We suggest you have a good and stable internet connection to enjoy high quality streaming, and obviously the faster the better.

Q. Can i connect my laptop monitor to a Mike’s TV Box to watch content?

No, Due to how most laptops are setup, the HDMI is for output only. That means that in almost all laptops, you cannot send a signal via HDMI to your laptop screen. You can check with your laptop manufacturer for specifics on your laptop, but in most cases it is not possible to connect a laptop to a Mike’s TV Box.

You can use a Mike’s TV Box on most any standard stand-alone computer monitor with an HDMI input and all TVs with an HDMI input.

Q. What are the basic specifications for Mike’s TV Box?

USB 2.0 (4 Slots available), SD/MCC card slot, HDMI, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), 64 Bit CPU, Quad Core Processor, 8GB EMMC FLASH Storage, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, 3D Graphics Acceleration, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (B/G) or Ethernet, Standard United States 110 AC Plug, 5V power adapter included,& Dimensions aprox. 5″ x 5″ x 2″.

Mike’s TV Box Box Contains: Mike’s TV Box Android 6.0 Streaming Device, 5v Power Adapter, Quick Setup Guide, Remote Control (AAA battery not included) & HD Cable.

Q. What channels area available on Mike’s TV Box player?

Mike’s TV Box has all the power of the World Wide Web behind it, so it allows for huge numbers of channels that grow daily. From basic channels to premium content from all around the world, Mike’s TV Box is the solution for all your viewing needs. With the power of Android and Kodi you are able to add almost any channel, here is just a short list of apps and addon you can get: ABC Family, Fox News, Disney, CNBC, PBS Kids, UFC, Bravo, Anime on Demand, Fox Sports, Food Network, Fox News Channel, Travel Channel, ESPN, Showtime, CNN, Discovery and HBO just to name a few.

Q. Will I get local channels?

Mike’s TV Box is a web based service and while we offer many popular news and network channels (both basic and premium), it is not location specific. You may need to utilize a digital antenna to access those channels, you can go here for a PDF with information on antennas, But many local channels now offer apps you can install or you may be able to utilize the built in web browser to browse to local websites to view content.

Q. Are there any monthly fees with Mike’s TV Box?

Absolutely not. All content that comes pre-loaded on your Mike’s TV Box comes at no cost to you. Mike’s TV Box will never charge you any fees or have any monthly costs. Subscription services like Hulu or Netflix will still require their subscription fees.

Q. What can Mike’s TV Box do other than allow me to watch Movies, Sports and TV shows?

Mike’s TV Box runs Android OS, so you can install almost any app you would normally use on an android phone or tablet, so you instantly gain access to over 800,000 apps. You can watch youtube, check email, surf the web and even play games!

Q. Will Mike’s TV Box work in my country?

The Mike’s TV Box player can be used globally, but depending on the country you are in the content can vary. Use of third party software of a VPN can aid in viewing content that normally would not be viewable in your country, however, we do not support those features.

Q. I live outside of U.S. Do you ship internationally?

Currently we are shipping to the US only. But in the future we may be shipping to other countries.

Q. Can I get a refund?

We offer an easy return process so don’t worry, if you don’t enjoy the Mike’s TV Box, you can send us an email or message and return it for a refund. We will send you the instructions on how to send it back.

*100% Money Back Guarantee applies only upon return of an undamaged Mike’s TV Box device within 14 days of shipping and must include all components. Please also include a copy of the receipt. Consumer responsible for return shipping.

Q. Do I need one Mike’s TV Box player per TV?

Yes, Mike’s TV Box will only work on a single television at a time. But since Mike’s TV Box is light and easy to connect, you could easily move it from one TV to the next as needed. But Mike’s TV Box is very affordable so we suggest ordering one for each television set.

Q. I don’t have a keyboard, Can I use the normal remote to set everything up?

Yes! The remote is designed to allow you to navigate and setup everything just fine. The keyboard is easier for most people, but is not required. The remote has a home button (with an icon shaped like a home), which will take you to the home screen; and a back button (with an icon shaped like a u-turn arrow), which will take you back to the previous menu, or close the onscreen keyboard; there is also a menu screen (with an icon shaped like a rectangle with a couple lines in it), which will allow you to pull up the menu options for a particular app, and lastly the mouse button (with an icon shaped like a mouse), which if you tap, then touch one of the directional arrows, will bring up a pointer which you can move around the screen to navigate or submit buttons etc.

Q. Can I still use Amazon Video, Netflix or Hulu on Mike’s TV Box?

Yes of course, but we think that within a few days of using Mike’s TV Box you will find you no longer need those subscriptions. But you can add them no problem.

Q. Is it legal to use Mike’s TV Box?

Mike’s TV Box is a device, much like a computer or cell phone, it provides a hardware platform for you to utilize and download addons for kodi or apps for android TV via the Google Play store. Devices like Mike’s TV Box are perfectly legal as it does not offer file-sharing, copying or sharing of content streamed to the device.Mike’s TV Box is a device, much like a computer or cell phone, it provides a hardware platform for you to utilize and download addons for kodi or apps for android TV via the Google Play store. Devices like Mike’s TV Box are perfectly legal as it does not offer file-sharing, copying or sharing of content streamed to the device.

Q. What is Kodi?

Simply put, Kodi is open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s totally free. Kodi© (formerly known as XBMC™) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi is installed on Mike’s TV Box and has a user friendly interface designed for watching TV with a remote.

Q. How do I install Kodi Addons?

We recommend checking out the official Kodi wiki here

Q. I want to install unofficial Kodi addons, what do I do?

We DO NOT recommend installing anything not in the official repository for Kodi, however, there are alternative addon installers which will allow you to install different addons, you can reference this page for more information here.

Q. Do the Addons for Mike’s TV Box automatically update or do you have to update them manually?

While most content will update daily and if the add on or app needs to be updated it will update automatically. There could be times where you may need to manually do an update, but it would be as simple as it is to update an app on your tablet or phone.

Q. What is the best way to contact Mike’s TV Box support?

We recommend email, you can reach our support staff at For technical questions please contact

Q. Does Mike’s TV Box offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a standard 1 year warranty, or you can can upgrade to a two year warranty. You can find information on our warranty here